Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank goodness for husbands.... :)

This is at the resort we stayed at during our honeymoon. I figured we should take at least ONE picture before we left!
So I've been thinking A LOT about my dear husband today. I honestly think it's a miracle he loves me so much. I've had so many moments when I say something that comes out completely wrong and a bit hurtful... I'm still working on my filter... but Dave either lets it go or talks to me about it with the perfect words that make me feel horrible for being my imperfect self, but are so full of love I want to be better for him. (I hope that makes sense)  David is the most patient, caring, compassionate man I know. I love him heaps! The following is a list I made for his birthday (which I wanted to post, but haven't been able to until now). I wrote them in crayon and posted them up all around our apartment for him to come home to... I should have taken a picture. Maybe this blogging will help me get back into documenting life through pictures like I used to!

35 Reasons I LOVE David Douglas Romney
35. DROID 
(note: I do not love the sound, I love that HE loves it so much!)
34. He makes sure I get lunch when I wake up 5 minutes before I'm supposed to be at school!
33. Primal Grunts
BYU football. People ask me if I'm a BYU fan....
31. All his books.... floor to ceiling, wall to wall...
30. He's my Poetic Warrior
29. His love for his family
28. He is OH, so romantic! (Way more than me, but I'm learning!)
27. He is constantly helping me clean house
26. His confidence in me
25. His knowledge and Intellect
24. His ability to communicate
23. He knows I am beautiful and helps me feel it
22. Love for a GREAT story
21. He always opens my door
20. He is continually thinking of how to give his all at work and home
19. When he wants me to kiss him on his cheek... I can't really explain it in words...
18. His thoughtful and sincere prayers
17. Flowers
Birds of Paradise. David gave these to me for our 1 month anniversary... little did he know they were extra special because they are one of my favorite Australian flowers!!!
16. Romantic texts and e-mails... even if they accidentally get sent to my Dad... ;)
15. We enjoy the same movies and he always thinks of me first in choosing movies to go see
14. Love for MUSIC
13. Love of Learning
12. He constantly picks up my slack on making dinner
11. Family scriptures and prayer
10. He helps me see and overcome my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths
8. He gives sincere and true compliments
7. He will settle for ONLY the BEST
Romney family snow creations during Thanksgiving Break. David and I created the snowman on the left... the one with the gun and a mohawk that you can't really see (The mohawk really was my idea believe it or not). Dave also added weapons to the others... As we were building our snowman Dave said, "I build snowmen to LAST!" and "I can't help it, when I start doing stuff like this I get creative."
6. How he saw something attractive in me when we met 11 months ago
5. The great EFFORT he puts into loving me
4. His patience with my selfish and insensitive moments
3. CHARITY (See Pres. Monson's 2010 R.S. Conference talk)
2. The love we share with ONLY one another
1. "I have a secret.... I love you!"

I could go on forever... 

Needless to say, I have a wonderful husband... he happens to be my favorite! ;) 

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Poem for Kimball

First Sunday

I encircle you

In my arms

your head bowed

and leaning

my eyes seeking

yours, now hidden,

I breath deep,

eyes closing,

my chest opening,

and it seems you slip

your body,

to my memories

gone aground

and the earth hard

you come deliberately

and hold me

inside of me

I open my eyes

to your head still bowed,

I groan and lift

your fingers

and the silence

grows silent –

your pulse

now breathing


my lips