Friday, December 16, 2011

Brick Wall.... SPLAT!

A couple weeks ago we hit midterms of second quarter like hitting a brick wall driving 70 mph. Literally... all my students went SPLAT! Why would I use such a horrific simile, you may ask? As midterms approached  I found I was adding more "M" grades than point values that come out in an A-F grade. "M" means MISSING. ALL of my class averages were Fs! Literally... Fs- not even 50% F, they were in the 30% range! I don't even know how this is possible... but it happened. As I spoke with other teachers I discovered my classes weren't the only ones. I was dumbfounded.  

Let me explain a few things about my class:
  1. Most of our work is done IN CLASS.
  2. When I give homework assignments they are as SIMPLE as can be.
Let me share a story illustrating WHY my class is set up this way:

Once upon a time I assigned my students a 2 PARAGRAPH essay (the minimum number of sentences per paragraph is 4... this means all they need is 8 sentences). They were to analyze the beliefs of 2 world religions they just learned about and took notes on. They were then to hypothesize about how people from those 2 religions would interact with each other based on their belief systems. That was the whole assignment. It was due the next class period which was 2 days away (we're on a block schedule.) Jump forward to the day it is due: 1st Period- "Please pass forward your 2 paragraph essays." *A few rustling papers and then silence as I stare at the ONE paper in my hand then look around the class in astonishment.* 3rd Period: repeat of 1st... 4th Period- 5 papers.... and so on the next day of classes. 

As I remember this experience I am still dumbfounded. I have no understanding of how that can happen in EVERY class. The next few days leading up to midterms I projected their grades up on the screen so they could see the ridiculousness of what was happening. They were shocked.... just as they were when they received their midterm grades the beginning of the next week. We had some great chats about what it takes to succeed. I expressed my dismay at the apparent apathy toward LIFE. I don't feel like I'm a bad teacher, sure, I'm not is my first year... but I know I'm not THAT bad. 

After pondering and discussing the matter of how to succeed and giving them a great wake-up call, I then asked for their feedback on how I am doing as a teacher. We made a contract earlier in the year about how they can succeed and how I can help them do so, but I hadn't asked for their input into the part about me... so I decided to take that adventure. Thankfully I received a lot of positive feedback that seemed sincere as well as realistic suggestions on how to improve... and of course some ridiculous ones. Then there were the polar opposite comments...

The following are some comments from my students I just had to share:

Polar Opposties:
  • You give us the perfect amount of work and enough time to do it. VS. You need to give us more time to finish assignments.
  • You get too grumpy sometimes/You're really uptight. VS. You're nice, cool, and "chill."
  • You need to explain things more clearly. VS. You explain well and are very helpful.
Oh... You Funny Students:
  • I would like to ask you to get a little easier, but I don't want to tell you how to teach.
  • Lay off giving assignments. Let me have an A or B without finishing any work.
  • (This one is kind of sad, but funny too) You expect too much out of some kids. Some people don't care, which is stupid of them, but it's their own choice. Don't put extra effort into forcing them to try.
  • You're doing good for being pregnant.
  • Students should be thankful you're nice and don't yell at us.
  • And my favourite: You're a good teacher, but in the coming months you will probably have mood swings because of your baby stuff. So then again, you might lash out at the class.
A Few of the Warm Fuzzies:
  • I like your teaching!
  • You are really and truthfully a wonderful teacher.
  • You are one of my favourite teachers.
  • Keep doing what you are doing because you are an awesome teacher.
  • You are awesome. You are too nice, but I like that. I just hope you don't go home and be sad. Just be strong and be nice as you are. Always smile, just the way you are.
  • You are great even though you are hard.
  • You really are a great teacher, especially being that it's your first year.
  • You are the most awesome teacher in the world. I love you, you will always be my favourite teacher.
  • This class is the best cuz you teach good.
  • I like you teaching us. You let us have fun sometimes. Your work is hard, but you make it seem easy.
Ah... I love these kids even though we've had a rough quarter! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

I SPY...

A Grandson or Granddaughter?
A Niece or Nephew?
A "Lil' D" or "Lil' K"?

Lil' Romney's 1st picture! :)

Well, here we are... parents! Ok... so lil' Romney is still a 1-inch peanut, but there's a little person growing in me! It's hard to believe it's actually happening. It was amazing to have the ultrasound and see that little peanut with a heartbeat! There have been times, before I went to the doctor, where I've wondered if I'm just becoming a lazy human being with random sick spells.... it's good to know I'm not. Apparently I'm exhausted because, even while sleeping, my body is working harder than a man working out in a gym. 

Thankfully I haven't been exceedingly sick as of yet. Usually it hits when I get home after work, recently in the mornings, and after I eat anything with a lot of sugar. :( There are a few foods that are out-right rejected: Shredded Wheat and sugary substances. Really, I shouldn't be eating lots of sugar anyway... but every once in awhile shouldn't hurt! Apparently that peanut inside me thinks differently. I'm just praying he/she changes his/her mind by the time Thanksgiving rolls around next week. My two favourite things about Thanksgiving dinner are cranberry sauce (which I'm assuming will stay down just fine) and pie. I REALLY WANT TO EAT PIE! If I can't eat pie, that little peanut is going to have a good talking-to when he/she comes out! I love you little peanut, but I might not like you very much next week if you don't let me enjoy my Thanksgiving pie.

Anyway... enough about the pie. I am currently about 9 weeks along (on the 40 week scale), due around June 22nd. We have our thoughts about whether this peanut is a him or a her, but we'd love to hear everyone's guesses and name ideas! :) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trying to Make a Difference

I decided it's about time I update my blog.... since I am no longer job hunting and in the 3rd month of my new job! After all the frustration of job searching, I was hired at Granger High School. Woohoo! I was originally hired part-time to teach 2 World History classes. About 3 weeks before school started they called and told me I was going to be full-time. So here I am, a World History teacher (helping in the theatre department) at a High School!

It's great to have my own classroom... except, I don't really. I am a "traveling teacher" as there are not enough classrooms in the school for all the teachers. I get to be the teacher awkwardly pushing a cart down the hall with all my stuff stashed on it... not to mention my textbooks! I definitely get my workout everyday. It is wonderful to be in charge and experiment with how best to do things. I've always been told the 1st year is the worst because you're constantly scrambling to stay on top of things... which is true... it's exhausting, but it's a wonderful experience. I love the challenge, and boy is it a challenge!

I work in a school that is as diverse as you can get in Utah! We're about 36% Caucasian, 46% Hispanic... and the rest come from a variety of other ethnic groups. I love it! I love experiencing other cultures. Who knew I could experience so much in Salt Lake? It reminds me a lot of my mission and learning to work with my various companions, especially Sister Robati... we were about as different as we could be and had 3 transfers filled with learning experiences together. That's how I feel with my students. I am trying my best to understand where they are coming from and how I can help them. We come from completely different walks of life. Not that I grew up in a wealthy family, but I was raised to value education. It was never an option to not be educated and succeed in life... it was, and is, simply part of life. My students seem to not share that same view with me. It baffles me how many seem to not care about whether they succeed or not. I have one student who does practically nothing in my class, but not going to school is the saddest thing in her life.... because that's where she gets to socialize. Her parents grounded her from school once to cut her off from her friends. Weird, I know.

I struggle because I want to help my students achieve excellence and be able to succeed in LIFE. It's hard though, especially when I have days on end where 1/2 of my class doesn't show up to school. It makes it difficult for them when the 1/2 key to success in my class is BEING IN CLASS. This past quarter I think 10% of my students failed... as in, received an F... that doesn't even count those who barely passed with in the D range. How do I get them to see what they do now affects their future?! It's hard when their focus is here and now... for many of them the future is so "far away" they have a hard time visualizing it. I don't understand that. I am a forward thinker... the future is always in my thoughts... even when I was their age, I knew the basics of what I wanted for my future! I'm trying to make a difference, but sometimes I just don't know how. I hope what I do has an effect. I may never know, but I hope I am making a difference in their lives!

There are glimmers of hope every once in awhile. I do have students who give their all and who I know love my class. I just had a student give me a thank you note the other day. Another student wrote a note on the back of an assignment telling me she thinks I should do that project for years to come because she loved it and thinks other students will too. It always gives me a boost when I see students outside of class and they seem excited to see me. It's little things like that which keep me going.

Thank goodness I have a Heavenly Father who has blessed me with the Spirit to help me out. He gives me thoughts and ideas just at the right times. Through all my exhaustion, He picks me up and carries me forward.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Life sure is interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what, exactly, Heavenly Father wants me to learn in my present phase of life. It's transition phase right now. I think the Gospel Doctrine lesson I taught today hit it right on the head: Parable of the 10 Virgins, Parable of the Talents, and Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. The spirit is essential in helping me know my Saviour and know myself so I make the most of what I'm given and turn outward to help others.

My life consists of incessant job hunting, e-mails that say, "We've already filled this position," and reactions of "You didn't even interview me!!!!! gaaaah!" I greatly dislike it. Transitioning from feeling like you are an amazing person and can take on the world (how I felt as I left BYU-Idaho), to feeling like you're the lamest person on the face of this planet, is not so fun. I'm not trying to seek sympathies... or maybe I am... but just sharing how life feels right now. It's funny because it's not like rejection and change is a new thing... I did serve a mission, but apparently I'm finding it difficult to cope with at the present moment. Thanks to a wonderful husband and great friends I haven't collapsed under the pile of depressing moments. I even have my moments of brilliance that help me remember I don't have to be lame, I can choose to be amazing every day.

Here's a few pictures of my own brilliant moments and awesome friends. I do apologize... some of the pictures are sideways and I can't figure out how to fix them without going back to the actual file and then re-downloading it, which I'm too lazy to do. ;)

The first set of pictures comes from when I decided to begin studying different countries. I started with Afghanistan, because it was first on an alphabetical list of countries I found. The idea is that I study a different country every week or two and then take a night to make food from that country. This was about a month ago, and unfortunately I haven't been as dedicated to this brilliant plan as I desire to be...
Chicken with lots of spices

The beginnings of flat bread


Chicken, rice, flatbread

Fruit, pita chips and hummus (the hummus is actually Greek, but it fit well enough with everything else.

The pictures of our bathroom mirror are another of my brilliant moments. There are days I feel like a lame wife... I think this may have been one of those days, but instead of just moping about it, I actually DID something! I found all the whiteboard markers we have and decided to write a note for David on our mirror. I was so excited about it all day long. David came home but didn't go into the bathroom so I had to think about someway to get him in there to see it without being obvious. I couldn't think of anything until right before bed (yes, he didn't go in the whole evening). He was super tired and his eyes were a bit red so I suggested he go put drops in his eyes... which were in the bathroom. Finally, right before bed, with some slight prompting, he saw my mirror-masterpiece!
If it's hard to read it says, "Kimball Loves David"; "You are the most wonderful husband in the world! -in fact, my favorite husband."; "Thank you for choosing me everyday!"

"You are the Light and joy of my life"

I'd been sick for about 4 weeks, which meant I wasn't doing a whole lot at home...especially cooking. I was finally feeling better and we finally had a beautiful day, so I took the card table we borrowed from Jake and Nicole out on our porch and set it up like a diner. I then dressed up in jeans and heals and picked out an outfit for David and turned on romantic music. He was definitely pleasantly surprised. :) We had a beautiful evening.

Stuffed Chicken, broccoli, and cantelope (aka: rockmelon)! 

Kassie saving my day. Earlier in the week Kassie texted me to see if I wanted to go for a bike ride sometime... um, YES! She drove down and brought her mum's bike, since I don't have my own, and we found a beautiful road leading up to Big Cottonwood Canyon that's only 5 minutes away! We had a blast... although it reminded me how out-of-shape I am right now.
Helmets are such an amazing fashion statement... here we go!!!

If you look close, there's a waterfall behind the trees...

Beautiful Kassie on a log... we did a bit of adventuring.

yay for little waterfalls by the road!

I live right by these beauties! who knew?! :)

I climbed up a little rock ledge... the waterfall is to my right... but you can't see it.

Life is interesting, but it's great. Heavenly Father is there for us. He loves us! Sometimes I wonder why... but He does. Thank you dear husband for being my light and life, and friends for being wonderful! (Cheers Kassie!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We had our Relief Society Birthday party this past Tuesday. Apart from sounding like a man, leaving every once in awhile to blow my brains out my nose, and that I think people could tell I was sick because the only person seemingly willing to sit next to me was my previous visiting teachee (who was also getting over sickness)... the night was WONDERFUL! I really love my Relief Society sisters, they are amazing women! We were all invited to bring a collection to set up for the night...of which I will share in a bit. Women were also invited to bring their sets of china for the table settings, and that's what we ate on! It was an amazing evening... I wish I took pictures of everything... but alas, just like always I forgot my camera. Our Relief Society president spoke about how we have so many things we treasure and yet we forget to treasure ourselves. It's so true. As I shared the theme with David he just looked at me and said, "Yeah! You SHOULD!" He's constantly reminding me to value myself and remember my divine worth. Oh how I love him! :)

In preparation for the evening, a few weeks ago, one of the women in charge asked me if I have any collections. My mind immediately turned to my horse collection. Lacey was sure I'd given them all away, and I was afraid I did, but something kept telling me I still had some. I called my dear mother with hope they could be found. Mom scoured the spare room downstairs, called back and announced a victory. Apparently I still had 15 horses! Thank you Mom for finding them! Since Mom, Dad and Kyle came down before the R.S. night, they brought my horses and I was able to display them. It brought happiness to my heart to have them again. I'm sure David is wondering what we're supposed to do with all these horses... but that's okay! ;)

This is how my horse collecting began:
This is what's left of my collection. To think I had more!
I first experienced riding a horse by myself when I was 8 years old and afterward determined to hate horses the rest of my life. I was with my family, about to embark on a trail ride, when my uncle slapped the rump of my horse so it would catch up to the rest. My horse proceeded to switch from a walk to a trot, which is the most jarring gait of a horse. As an 8 year old, by myself, being jolted around on a horse I knew not how to control, I got nervous and anxious. The horse, in turn, fed off of my nervousness, spun around, and headed straight back to the stables. I started yelling for my dad, making my horse that much more excited, which translated into running faster.  It whipped around the corner of the stables and left me in a pile on the gravel road. With broken glasses and bleeding face and knees, I vowed never to get on a horse again. My dad, in his wisdom, had other ideas.

The quote, “When you fall off the horse, get right back on again.” suddenly became my reality. Despite my pleas to let me hate horses forever, my dad made me get on an even bigger horse the very next day, patched up knees and all. There’s truth to the ideal that getting back on the horse heals you.  Somehow, just from getting back on, I went from horse hater to horse lover. Since that day Dad made me get back on, I only ever wanted to have my own horse. I was blessed to have horses for much of my childhood and because of my love for them, every birthday and Christmas I was guaranteed a model horse as a present.
To this day I have scars on my knees from falling off that horse. Those scars remind me to,

1. Never wear shorts while riding a horse, and
2. “When you fall of the horse, get right back on again.”

My beautiful: Destiny

My beautiful, Jazzy

These are two of my dear horses I was once privileged to have. In those moments when I needed peace of mind and heart I would go out to the field and just hug them and talk/cry my heart out to them. These ladies were truly two of my best friends. Unfortunately the day came when my family moved, I was in school and couldn't keep an eye on their mischievous souls. Destiny, especially, liked to break out of the field and gave our neighbors the time of their lives trying to catch her. The silly girl would only come to me, and since I didn't have a cell phone they were often running about until I got home from class, got the message they were out, and drove out to where they were to catch them. Needless to say, I think our neighbors were greatly relieved when I decided to sell them. One of my favourite things about these girls is that they wouldn't come to me when I called unless I said, "Hey Beautifuls!!!", then they would come running. :) Oh how I miss them....

Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's been awhile since I've posted, so I figure it's time again. I don't really know what I'm going to say... so apologies if my thoughts run all over the place.

Thought #1: We put up a bookcase! Yay for organizing chaos in the front room!

I put this together. It made be feel so... constructive.
Thought #2: Dave was impressed with one of my meals! Yay! He said, "Wow, this looks famous!"

This is before I cooked it... Salmon with carrots and oranges, cooked "tin-foil-dinner style."
Thought #3: Spring?! Think again.... It was probably 50 degrees the day before this massive snowiness. There were about 2 feet of snow on my car in the morning. I felt like I should have been using a shovel instead of the snow brush which suddenly became measly and useless.

It was raining like no other about 30 minutes before this picture... 
Would you guess it had just been raining?
Bundled up, wearing Dave's boots to go take out the trash. There's a lot of snow out there! I was also going to  take a picture of me making a snow angel for Brooke... but alas, my camera would have died because Dave wasn't home and the stairs were covered in snow... (I was going to set the timer and put it on the stairs to take the picture.)
Thought #4Life is fairly crazy. Not that I'm super busy, it's just crazy. Making sure the financial, physical, and spiritual aspects of life are where they should be seem so much more complicated than before.

Talking with my dad the other day I commented that it's stressful to actually know what's going on with family finances! I think he just kind of chuckled at my shock and confirmed that, yes, this is true. Even as a single college student I did not realize the magnitude of paying for life; although I lived away from family and was fairly independent, it was nothing compared to now. I was pretty much penniless, but had no debt and really no bills to pay aside from buying groceries. Now... I don't even want to think about what we have to pay for and pay off. Shucks... it's stressful!

Keeping physically fit is also a huge challenge. We have spurts of working out and eating well... and then, we break. We want it so bad... but do we really? I keep thinking, if we REALLY want this, we would be consistent. Why do we let our physical appetites and passions get in the way? Stinkin' rotten natural man....

Life questions and decisions also seem to be staring us in the face, just taunting us to make a decision. Full-time teaching job? Keep substituting? Children are in the plans someday... how do I know when they'll show up? Do I really want a full-time job if they show up in the middle of it? We could use the money. Would substituting be enough extra?- it sure would be more flexible. aaaaaaahhhhhhh! I keep telling myself, just apply, give your all, do your best, then let the Lord take care of the rest!

Despite the anxieties that come and the refining process experienced, which throw my emotions all over the place.... MARRIAGE IS SO WORTH IT.

Thought #5: I LOVE church leaders and the counsel of the Spirit.
We were privileged to attend the BYU-Idaho President's Club Banquet last night. President Clark spoke along with President Uchtdorf. I didn't receive any stellar answers to my life questions, but the Spirit reminded me of important pieces of life.
              a) I need to write in my journal more often because it helps be positive about life. We live in a cynical and pessimistic world, anything we can do to keep that out of our lives is well worth doing. I don't know what it is, but writing in my journal always seems to calm me down and focus on what's most important.
              b) I need to have the courage, persistence, and patience to make the dream of a better world become a reality. Usually when I hear things like this I think of "world peace" and big huge acts of service.... last night I thought specifically about my own life. I need to have the courage to communicate with my husband about life matters that might be sensitive to either of us, but which weigh on my mind; I need to be persistent in living a righteous and healthy life; and I need to have patience to see the blessing of the Lord come. Life will work out.

Thought #6: Quotes from Elder Uchtdorf at the Banquet that I really liked.
               a) We can't always build our future for the youth, but we can build our youth for the future. -FDR
               b) The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and re-learn.
               c) Be unafraid of new ideas for they are stepping stones to progress. Be unafraid to differ when you are informed.
               d) Have courage, persistence, and patience to make the dream of a better world a reality.

Thought #7, which comes with a goal: I played my flute in ward conference today. Practicing and performing reminded me of how much I love playing the flute, how I've always wanted to play with the orchestra on temple square, and how I actually live close enough to qualify.
                GOAL: Practice every day so I can play as well as I used to and be confident enough to audition. I've made it public, check up on me and help me be accountable!

Thought #8: I could go on forever, but I think I'll leave it at this:

I love my husband. I love experiencing life with him. I'm so glad the Lord blessed me with a man worthy to go to the temple with me to enter into eternal covenants together with the Lord.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What to do without David?!

Last week I was without my husband from Tuesday morning until Friday night, as he has a business trip in Texas. In fighting the urge to sit around doing nothing, just feeling lonely and pathetic, I decided to make myself as busy as possible!

Tuesday consisted of:
-Take Dave to the airport
-Go home eat brekkie, and plan for my crazy day
-Go to the bank (yay for paychecks!)
-Take wedding dress (finally) to the dry cleaners
-My car to Jiffy Lube... it needed a refill on it's juices
-Study Scriptures
-Work in a 4th grade class
-Go with Steph to pick the Lexus up from Provo (it needed some fixin')
-P90X... I almost didn't do it... but finally convinced myself it was in my best interest
-Write in my journal
-Talk to Dave
-Sleep better than I have in months!

Wednesday I didn't work, so I was determined to finally make our apartment look like a home. We've been here for almost 6 months, it's time our pictures are finally on the walls! After doing P90X and studying my scriptures like a good girl, I went to work and here's the outcome:
This is where the project started a few days before. I was sick of the green towel lying on the floor getting nasty, saw this at Costco for $9.00 and said "This is going in our entry!" Good bye nasty green towel!
Yay for the Spokane temple to say "Remember who you are!" when we leave and welcome us when we come home.

Hey! We can hang up our coats instead of throwing them on the arm of the couch. What a brilliant idea!
This mirror is my pride and joy right here. I took a break from putting pictures up to take stuff to D.I. and return stuff to Walmart. I almost bought a mirror at Target earlier in the day (Dave's been wanting one), but decided it was too small. After returning stuff I walked through Walmart to see if I could find a mirror at a decent price. I saw this and angels started singing! It matches our clock and it's the perfect size for above our couch. I got home and thought about waiting for Dave to put it up, but wanted to surprise him with it, so yes, I put this 5' beast up by myself! To my great pleasure, Dave loves it!
This was a gift from Dave's friend Jess. Yay for us! :)
Beautiful clock from Kim and Sue Clark. 

Can't go wrong with The Family, A Proclamation to the World , and our Saviour. I did struggle with these two. Let's just say there are a few more holes than needed behind those pictures....

Maggie Dog. Jessers dog, but I think Dave loves her almost as much as he loves me.... ;)

David and Kimball Romney Family at it's start.  This is on a pretty big wall, so we're planning on putting up a few wall accessories on either side of it.

That was my exciting Wednesday. Thursday was a fairly normal day. Work, P90X, Scriptures, Journal, Sleep... Then came Friday. Oh I had so many plans Friday and was in the midst of them (practicing my flute) when I suddenly thought about my phone. "Where is it?" I wondered. I then had this horrifying image of me putting it into the pocket of a black sports jacket, then later deciding that jacket needed washing, and sticking it in the washer. Nowhere in my memory could I see myself taking my phone out of the the pocket before I put it in the wash. I frantically ran to the washer, which was on it's final spin cycle, threw it open, reached in, found the jacket... no phone, searched through the other clothes and finally found it at the bottom of the washer. Knowing that if I pushed any buttons it would short out, I gently took the battery out and then went at it with my blow drier. After I spent some time, trying to make sure I got all the nooks and crannies of the phone, I tentatively put the battery back in and turned it on. It woke up, but I could tell there was still quite a bit of water under the screen. I was supposed to be picking Dave up in a few hours and received a text that he just got on the plane. I hurriedly texted him back to let him know the precarious condition of my phone. I then decided to check out it's calling abilities by calling my voice mail. I could tell it wasn't looking good when it sounded like the voice mail lady was speaking under water. Not long after the underwater voice mail lady my phone went crazy and died. In desperation, hoping I hadn't killed it, and looking for a way to laugh about the situation, I posted my brilliance on Facebook. Thankfully my best friend from college, Brooke, was online to make fun of me and my mission buddy, Brittany, was online to give me constructive advice such as: put it in a bag of rice. I thought that sounded silly, but apparently it's supposed to draw the extra water out. Thus, I sent my phone in for a rice nap.

Rice Nap

It's amazing what rice can do! Once I woke it up from it's rice nap it was working pretty well, but still had a few glitches, I put it down for another rice nap, and as of Sunday afternoon it's been at peak performance! Rice works miracles, it's amazing. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I Love...

I LOVE my husband!
  • I love spending time with my husband. Reading together, watching football, going out to dinner, even just sitting on the couch in contented silence.... I can't wait for him to come home every day.
  • I love a clean bathroom. I deep cleaned our bathroom yesterday and it makes me happy every time I go in it!
  •  I love clean floors. I also mopped our kitchen and entry way floors. It's amazing how a clean floor makes everything feel so much happier
    • I love actually getting enough sleep. As I was still half asleep this morning I thought about how I used to sleep-starve myself and that now I am sleep-nourishing myself and love it!
    • I admit... I love days I don't work so I CAN sleep in!
    • I love sleeping in and still being productive throughout the day..
    • I love chocolate and peanut butter. I think I'm addicted. 
    • I love STUDYING my scriptures and having time to spend and hour or more with them!
    • I love teaching. I'm preparing a Gospel Doctrine lesson for Sunday (Dave and I just got called as teachers) and I'm so excited about it!
    • I love my family. I'm so grateful I am a Madsen AND a Romney. 
    • I love my new coat. Dave gave it to me for Christmas. :)
    • I love missionaries. Sometimes I wish I could go back and serve again... David and I have a few more years before we can go, but we will! Patience... be a member missionary!
    • I love being fit. I'm not right now, but I started working out in December (we're working on getting started again) and it felt SO GOOD to do workouts that make my legs feel like jelly and make me feel like I'm going to throw up. There is something strangely satisfying about that.
    • I love BYU-IDAHO. I'm all finished, which I am grateful for, but it was kind of sad not going back this semester.
    • I love Greenbrier. (For those who don't know, I lived there for 4 of the 5 years I was at school.) I find myself missing it quite a lot sometimes. 
    • I love reading books of my choice. Just finished 3 Cups of Tea right before Christmas. I highly recommend it! I'm now reading What the Dog Saw. (Dave got it for Christmas, it's a good one so far!)
    • I love texting Rachel and Brooke song lyrics that only we understand. "I can't wait to hibernate!"; "Backpacks are my favourite food, they put me in a wonderful mood!"
    • I love sunshine. I drove to the bank today and regretted it. It's warm for a winter day and there are beautiful blue skies. I could have easily walked and think I should have.... 
    • I LOVE LIFE. It's great. I could keep on going, but I think I'll just end with that. :)