Sunday, June 12, 2011


Life sure is interesting. I'm still trying to figure out what, exactly, Heavenly Father wants me to learn in my present phase of life. It's transition phase right now. I think the Gospel Doctrine lesson I taught today hit it right on the head: Parable of the 10 Virgins, Parable of the Talents, and Parable of the Sheep and the Goats. The spirit is essential in helping me know my Saviour and know myself so I make the most of what I'm given and turn outward to help others.

My life consists of incessant job hunting, e-mails that say, "We've already filled this position," and reactions of "You didn't even interview me!!!!! gaaaah!" I greatly dislike it. Transitioning from feeling like you are an amazing person and can take on the world (how I felt as I left BYU-Idaho), to feeling like you're the lamest person on the face of this planet, is not so fun. I'm not trying to seek sympathies... or maybe I am... but just sharing how life feels right now. It's funny because it's not like rejection and change is a new thing... I did serve a mission, but apparently I'm finding it difficult to cope with at the present moment. Thanks to a wonderful husband and great friends I haven't collapsed under the pile of depressing moments. I even have my moments of brilliance that help me remember I don't have to be lame, I can choose to be amazing every day.

Here's a few pictures of my own brilliant moments and awesome friends. I do apologize... some of the pictures are sideways and I can't figure out how to fix them without going back to the actual file and then re-downloading it, which I'm too lazy to do. ;)

The first set of pictures comes from when I decided to begin studying different countries. I started with Afghanistan, because it was first on an alphabetical list of countries I found. The idea is that I study a different country every week or two and then take a night to make food from that country. This was about a month ago, and unfortunately I haven't been as dedicated to this brilliant plan as I desire to be...
Chicken with lots of spices

The beginnings of flat bread


Chicken, rice, flatbread

Fruit, pita chips and hummus (the hummus is actually Greek, but it fit well enough with everything else.

The pictures of our bathroom mirror are another of my brilliant moments. There are days I feel like a lame wife... I think this may have been one of those days, but instead of just moping about it, I actually DID something! I found all the whiteboard markers we have and decided to write a note for David on our mirror. I was so excited about it all day long. David came home but didn't go into the bathroom so I had to think about someway to get him in there to see it without being obvious. I couldn't think of anything until right before bed (yes, he didn't go in the whole evening). He was super tired and his eyes were a bit red so I suggested he go put drops in his eyes... which were in the bathroom. Finally, right before bed, with some slight prompting, he saw my mirror-masterpiece!
If it's hard to read it says, "Kimball Loves David"; "You are the most wonderful husband in the world! -in fact, my favorite husband."; "Thank you for choosing me everyday!"

"You are the Light and joy of my life"

I'd been sick for about 4 weeks, which meant I wasn't doing a whole lot at home...especially cooking. I was finally feeling better and we finally had a beautiful day, so I took the card table we borrowed from Jake and Nicole out on our porch and set it up like a diner. I then dressed up in jeans and heals and picked out an outfit for David and turned on romantic music. He was definitely pleasantly surprised. :) We had a beautiful evening.

Stuffed Chicken, broccoli, and cantelope (aka: rockmelon)! 

Kassie saving my day. Earlier in the week Kassie texted me to see if I wanted to go for a bike ride sometime... um, YES! She drove down and brought her mum's bike, since I don't have my own, and we found a beautiful road leading up to Big Cottonwood Canyon that's only 5 minutes away! We had a blast... although it reminded me how out-of-shape I am right now.
Helmets are such an amazing fashion statement... here we go!!!

If you look close, there's a waterfall behind the trees...

Beautiful Kassie on a log... we did a bit of adventuring.

yay for little waterfalls by the road!

I live right by these beauties! who knew?! :)

I climbed up a little rock ledge... the waterfall is to my right... but you can't see it.

Life is interesting, but it's great. Heavenly Father is there for us. He loves us! Sometimes I wonder why... but He does. Thank you dear husband for being my light and life, and friends for being wonderful! (Cheers Kassie!)