Friday, November 18, 2011

I SPY...

A Grandson or Granddaughter?
A Niece or Nephew?
A "Lil' D" or "Lil' K"?

Lil' Romney's 1st picture! :)

Well, here we are... parents! Ok... so lil' Romney is still a 1-inch peanut, but there's a little person growing in me! It's hard to believe it's actually happening. It was amazing to have the ultrasound and see that little peanut with a heartbeat! There have been times, before I went to the doctor, where I've wondered if I'm just becoming a lazy human being with random sick spells.... it's good to know I'm not. Apparently I'm exhausted because, even while sleeping, my body is working harder than a man working out in a gym. 

Thankfully I haven't been exceedingly sick as of yet. Usually it hits when I get home after work, recently in the mornings, and after I eat anything with a lot of sugar. :( There are a few foods that are out-right rejected: Shredded Wheat and sugary substances. Really, I shouldn't be eating lots of sugar anyway... but every once in awhile shouldn't hurt! Apparently that peanut inside me thinks differently. I'm just praying he/she changes his/her mind by the time Thanksgiving rolls around next week. My two favourite things about Thanksgiving dinner are cranberry sauce (which I'm assuming will stay down just fine) and pie. I REALLY WANT TO EAT PIE! If I can't eat pie, that little peanut is going to have a good talking-to when he/she comes out! I love you little peanut, but I might not like you very much next week if you don't let me enjoy my Thanksgiving pie.

Anyway... enough about the pie. I am currently about 9 weeks along (on the 40 week scale), due around June 22nd. We have our thoughts about whether this peanut is a him or a her, but we'd love to hear everyone's guesses and name ideas! :) 


  1. woohoo! i really hope you don't get too sick... there is still time for that! congrats friend :)

  2. I thought I would stop in and see how your family was doing...I was pumped to see you are expecting a little peanut. I'm so thrilled for you. Hopefully the sickness will go away soon and you can enjoy that thanksgiving pie in peace :) I'm guessing it's a little kimball!